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Extracts from October 2020 Newsletter
Church Anniversary 89 Years – 1931 to July 2020



Dear Friends,

Dear Friends,

                        Our journey continues through these days of ‘pandemic’ with all of its uncertainty.  One day all seems well, the next more problems being reported.  We trust you are all keeping safe and well and, like all good citizens are being careful as you take a trip to go shopping.  Wearing those masks which are so necessary in these uncertain times.

Perhaps we find ourselves turning to Psalm 13 and echoing his cry of ‘How Long’!
here are the words from ‘Psalms Now’:-

O God, sometimes you seem far away.

I cannot in this moment sense Your presence or feel Your power.

The darkness about me is stifling.

This depression is suffocating.

How long, O God, do I have to live in this void?

O God, how long?

Break into this black night, O God, fill this vast emptiness.

Enter into my conflict lest I fall never to rise again.

I continue to trust Your ever-present love.

I shall again discover true joy in my relationship with You.

I will proclaim Your praises, my Lord, for You will never let me go. 

We therefore find ourselves no longer journeying alone. But take fresh assurance from the words of the Psalmist, and also, from Jesus himself who said ‘I am with you always, even unto the end of the world’ Matthew 28 v20

All being well we look forward to meeting again in Church on Sunday mornings – but – in these uncertain times – God Bless you all and keep you safe.

Carol                           David                          Ian


A daily prayer for this month


For the dry and thirsty you give living water,

To those drained and empty you come with your fullness,

Among people discouraged and despairing, you offer gentle love,

In places of defeat and distress, you speak of hope.

So we pray for our world:

Where the ground is dry, we ask for clouds and rain,

In lives that are drained, will you refresh and restore,

For desperate hearts, we seek the gift of new belief,

In distress, come, Lord Jesus, to sow seeds of promise.

And we ask to be agents of your love,

Sharing material help and personal care,

Offering respect and understanding,

Working in hope as partners and friends,

For the sake of your good news.  Amen

                John Proctor



Bursledon Brickworks

The Museum is opening its doors again on Thursdays until it closes for the winter months at the end of October. They have been working hard to find a way to open and this is what they can manage at the present time.  With funds running low and a volunteer team that has many in the shielding category they are sure you will understand their dilemma.  However the Museum is more or less the same as usual, though they can’t use the hands-on activities at the moment.  The outside play area is open.

Tickets must be booked in advance – they are free, but numbers have to be restricted.  Booking is on line: and click What’s On.



Air Crews which now spread across many continents.  A work that continues throughout these difficult days.

On 29th August co-founder Stuart King went to glory.  His determination and sense of adventure led him on a survey flight across eastern and central Africa in 1948 – a pioneering mission that shaped the course of Stuart’s life and paved a way forward for humanitarian aviation.

From small and struggling beginnings in post-war Britain, MAF now flies to more than 1,400 remote locations across 26 developing countries – more than any other airline in the world.  The aim – now as then – is to see isolated people physically and spiritually transformed by God’s love.

In 2016 Stuart was asked to write a prayer encapsulating all that MAF holds dear.  We can think of no more fitting way to end this special tribute to our founding father:-

Lord, thank you  for your peace, protection and provision.

We pray that MAF will always have:

One purpose – the glory of God

One pathway – the will of God

One passion – the love of God

In Jesus name.  AMEN



Here at ShelterBox we’re adapting to how we work. In the face of the coronavirus, we need to react fast and use our experience and expertise in new ways – providing shelter to help slow the spread of coronavirus in crowded camps and towns.

The potential impact of the pandemic in places where we’re already working – like crowded camps and makeshift settlements in Syria, Ethiopia and Burkina Faso – is terrifying. These are places where many people are already vulnerable.

With support, like yours, we are able to help by providing emergency shelter so families can recover more quickly and be less exposed to the risk of coronavirus.  Together with our blankets, sleeping mats, water filters and cooking sets we can help to keep people warm and dry with the ability  to cook meals and have clean water – helping families to stay as healthy as possible.


Basics Bank

Thanks to everyone for the donations which were delivered to the Fareham branch and were much appreciated.

Expect to hear a little more when Phil Rutt leads our service

On Sunday 18th October


News of regular meetings

Due to the continuing coronavirus situation we are unable to resume regular meetings of the following activities:-

  • Pilgrims Together on the first Wednesday
  • Short Mat Bowls Friday evenings
  • U R Welcome Club 4th Thursday evening


But do please keep in touch and we look forward to the time when we will be able to get back to some ‘normality’ – which doesn’t seem too likely with continued restrictions being kept in place.


Gang of Six

Our thanks to the ‘Gang of Six’ who worked so hard to tidy the Church garden and area a little tidier.  There is still more to be cleared up – especially alongside Chapel Road so, please, don’t be shy, bring your garden waste bags and have a go.  “Every little helps”  – I wonder where that quote came from!!