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Extracts from November 2020 Newsletter
Church Anniversary 89 Years – 1931 to July 2020


Dear Friends,

                        Another month has passed by with seemingly no end in sight to the Covid 19 problems with, it seems, no end in sight or, indeed a resolution to provide a vaccine.  Let us continue to pray for our researchers – world wide – as they seek to find the help that everyone needs to resolve the problems currently facing everyone.

          We have been glad to see you all in Church, wearing your masks and keeping that ‘magic’ two metres apart.  One day we will be able to greet one another in the way which marks our ‘Independent’ background.

          Looking forward we have much to encourage us as we come to worship week-by-week.  From sharing Communion as we respond to our Lord’s words – “do this in remembrance of me.”  We begin our month in this way and are encouraged to be His Disciples today when the message of ‘Good News to ALL people’ is needed to be heard loud and clear.   

          May God help us all to remain safe and well and continue to encourage each other throughout these difficult days.

Carol                         David                      Ian

One Thousand Men are Walking

One thousand men are walking

Walking side by side

Singing songs from home

The spirit as their guide

They walk toward the light milord

They walk towards the sun

They smoke and laugh and smile together

No foes to outrun

These men live on forever

In the hearts of those they saved

A nation truly grateful

For the path of peace they paved

But they do not march for war

Step closer to salvation

A tranquil steady corps

The meadows lit with golden beams

A beacon for the brave

The emerald grass untrampled

A reward for what they gave

They dream of those they left behind

And know they dream of them

Forever in those poppy fields

There walks one thousand men

Written by Joshua Dyer 2019 (aged 14)

Remembrance Day Memories

I can recall being in the Girls Brigade, with the Boys Brigade Band standing in the road, freezing cold, the wind blowing a howler but the sun always shone (or nearly always).  A service with lots of people in dark mournful clothes, all the women it seemed had large black hats on and the men caps or a trilby and long black coats.

Wreaths were laid at the Cenotaph and when the service ended we were told to assemble in the road ready to march down Sarisbury Hill.   No coats on, just in our uniforms.

The Boys Brigade Band leading us as we marched behind our banners.

It was a beautiful sight to see.

We marched all the way down to Bursledon Railway Station before we were allowed to disband. Our parents took a leisurely stroll down the hill with our coats and took us home to have a good hot roast dinner!!    Iris


  1. To see
  2.    To hear
  3.    To touch
  4.    To taste
  5.    To feel
  6.    To laugh
  7.    and To love


Grandad was babysitting when he heard his little grand-daughter muttering the alphabet over in hushed tones.

“What are you doing?” he asked her.

“I’m praying” she replied. “I can’t think of the right words so I just say all the letters. God will put them together for me ‘cos he knows what I’m thinking.”

Talk with each other much about the Lord,
quoting Psalms and hymns and singing sacred songs,
making music in your hearts to the Lord.

Always give thanks for everything to our God
and Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 5 v19-20 (the Living Bible)