Last Updated By Julian – 2 Jan 2021

Extracts from January 2021 Newsletter
Church Anniversary 89 Years – 1931 to July 2020



January 2021

Dear Friends,

                        We anticipate that your Christmas Cards will have had an added ‘greeting’ this year – something to the effect that ‘hope that Next Year’ will be much better than the Year just ended!

            For us, as Christians, we surely should be sharing with everyone the assurance that every day, month, year, is one which begins with the promise that Jesus is with us and He travels every day with us and – whatever the day brings – He is there with us!

            What do you look at first in your Newsletter?  Do you see who is leading our Sunday worship, and do you immediately begin to pray for the person every day through the week asking God’s guidance and Blessing that the presence of the Holy Spirit will guide them, and that, together, our worship will be a special time together in Fellowship.

            Will you be spending time reading the Lectionary readings and finding that the Holy Spirit will be speaking to you in a special way. As you do this you will be able to help others and share what inspiration you have been given this week.

            Or, maybe, you have picked up a hymn book you have at home and found – to your amazement – the hymn that is speaking to you – is one that is centuries old – or from a more recent time.  When we can once again sing from our hymn book take a moment to give thanks for the Blessings that are there for us all to share.

            Give to our God immortal praise;

            Mercy and truth are all His ways;

            Wonders of grace to God belong,

            Repeat His mercies in your song.


God Bless you all


Carol                                 David                                Ian